Raquel is THE BEST! When I have theatrical auditions, I ALWAYS private coach with her.

She knows how to help you BECOME the character.   After coaching with Raquel I felt so confident going into into my  audition.  Afterwards, the assisting casting director said he was very impressed with my choices and asked me who I trained and coached with!

I couldn’t have done this without you!

Raquel offered up a lot of great nuggets of information that resonated with me during her Backstage webinar.  To the extent that I have since attended several of her pop up classes and joined her Actors Mark community for continued training and coaching!  We recently had a one-on-one coaching session that I feel, once I complete everything she suggested, I will be in prime position for work when our industry is back!  Raquel is amazing!

Raquel is an awesome acting coach. She likes having a good time. Improv is the best because Raquel encourages me to use my imagination. We laugh and get silly which helps me be more spontaneous and in character. Raquel is a great teacher because she pushes me to practice being more of myself. I love taking classes and privates with her. “ Emma, 8 “Training with Raquel at The Actors Mark is inspiring. She understands how to bring out the best in me so that I bring myself to every character I play. She respects me and genuinely cares about me as a person. I especially like taking privates with her because she pushes me to be better.”

“I can honestly say that I would be lost as an actor in LA without Raquel, and I cannot praise her enough.  The first time we met, I went from feeling unsure of where my path should even begin to being able to clearly see a road to success in this crazy industry.  

She is more than a teacher, she is a mentor, and that is because she takes a genuine interest  in her student’s lives, guiding them not only 
technically, but on a deeper and almost 
spiritual level.  Her approach is entirely personal so if you are willing to put in the work and dedicate yourself, you will find exactly what you need.

“This industry can be overwhelming but having Raquel to go to for guidance helps me make strong decisions and know that I’m taking important steps forward in my career. I no longer feel like I’m alone stabbing in the dark. She even helped me pick the best headshots for my profile! Her guidance really helped me when I moved to LA from London. And now I just booked my first supporting role in a feature film with The Weinstein Company!” 


Helena Grace D., London

Raquel offered up a lot of great nuggets of information that resonated with me during her Backstage webinar.  To the extent that I have since attended several of her pop-up classes and joined her Actors Mark community for continued training and coaching!

We recently had a 1-on-1 coaching session that I feel, once I complete everything she suggested, I will be in a prime position for work when our industry is back! 

Raquel is amazing!

Brian P., Los Angeles, Ca

“Since working with The Actors Mark I’ve booked two national commercials! I found an acting coach, business coach, and mentor rolled in one. Raquel has so much knowledge about the Entertainment Industry and has been a pivotal part of moving my career forward. Once I started investing in my career, my career started investing in me! “

Courteney W. , Los Angeles

Hey Raquel! I just wanted to say that your class has changed my life. You helped me find the courage in myself to take a chance. It feels like yesterday that I was watching your Instagram live learning about where to start as an actor. I want you to know it really has paid off. Since taking your class I signed with an agency and filmed two commercials! I am so happy to be doing what I love and I want to continue to grow into a better person/actor. Is there any room left for me in your intermediate/advanced class?

Andre C., Los Angeles, Ca

“Raquel Gardner is a jewel. Her knowledge and expertise is priceless! I am an actress from Detroit, MI. The very first phone conversation, to my first time meeting her in person, it was nothing but dope vibes. I did a one on one career consultation, participated in her acting class, and audited a class. The class was amazing. I felt comfortable but she definitely pushed me beyond my limits. Her teaching style is unique, she enhances and prepares you. Her direct constructive criticism, was the best. She tells you the TRUTH, while uplifting you.  This was probably the first time I have  been challenged in a class. Warning, she is a rock star, so it’s a good time. The one on one was the best. I was at a point in my career where I felt stuck. She gave me the exact guidance I needed. The crazy part about it, I was never told the info that she gave me, and  I have been acting my whole life. The week I spent in LA with Raquel, was a huge plus for my career. She even reached out after months of leaving to make sure I was working on everything she told me to do. She is definitely the best! I claimed her as a mentor for my career. If you are serious about your career,  GO SEE RAQUEL!!!”   

Tiffany A. , Los Angeles

“Since 2015, Raquel has played such a huge role in propelling my career forward. Her wisdom and industry experience has made receiving career counseling from her beyond amazing! Under her guidance, I have been able to land several agents. She has also private coached me to ensure that I give the best in every single auditon I take on.  I took her Demo reel comprehensive and caught the attention of several industry professionals across the board. Having the scenes she coached me through on my demo reel, helped prove my ability as an actress with a wide range. I can honestly say I have never had a coach quite like her. She is prompt, creative, patient, and not afraid to challenge you. If you are willing to do the work, she will pull the absolute best out of you!  She has been my go-to girl since I moved to L.A and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Jenae H., Los Angeles, Ca

“As all actors know, it’s extremely challenging to find people who are actually authentic and work in your best interest to help you get your career rolling in the entertainment business. I was so relieved to meet a coach like Raquel. From the moment we said hello prior to the session starting, I felt a connection. I felt a very sincere drive to come up with a solid plan of action. I appreciated not feeling a desperate rush, but an actual game plan that made sense. I look forward to continuing to work with Raquel until I reach the next level. She is so driven, focused, and compassionate. I feel really grateful to have met her and received little nuggets and tips to take my career to the next level! I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel, whereas before I felt like I was throwing spaghetti against the wall in hopes something would stick!”

Bridgett B. , Los Angeles

“I can honestly say that I would be lost as an actor in LA without Raquel, and I cannot praise her enough.  The first time we met, I went from feeling unsure of where my path should even begin to being able to clearly see a road to success in this crazy industry.  She is more than a teacher, she is a mentor, and that is because she takes a genuine interest in her students’ lives, guiding them not only technically, but on a deeper and almost spiritual level.  She will not only help you hone your craft, but she will help you understand how the entertainment world works and how to keep your head above water when your life is overwhelming.  Her approach is entirely personal so if you are willing to put in the work and dedicate yourself, you will find exactly what you need, whatever that may be.” 

Annie C. , Woodland Hills, Ca

Raquel is one of the best acting coaches I’ve had the privilege to train with. She fostered a positive environment that allowed me to go outside my comfort zone and grow as an actor. She’s also supportive, not only in regards to the craft of acting, but also about navigating the business. And the lessons from her classes carry over into aspects of everyday life in ways that are very useful for communication, relationships, and self improvement. I would highly recommend her classes and one-on-one coaching

Jack B. , Los Angeles

After years of pushing the idea of acting aside, I finally decided to take the first step. I came across Raquel’s Instagram page and immediately was drawn to her. I knew that I had to take her online classes and it did not disappoint. I learned how to breakdown a scene, dramatic improvisation, letting go and building a story with my character. Her classes were therapeutic; helping you to build your confidence and letting go of limiting beliefs. In addition to the acting classes, I also participated in her one on one goal coaching session where we discussed the business side of acting and reviewed all headshots, my types, and acting profiles. The icing on the cake was finally getting on set and filming two scenes for my reel with Raquel as the director. It was such an eye opening experience and I’m grateful to have had Raquel as my coach guiding me all the way. I’m excited to put everything together and see my acting career flourish.

Carina A. San Francisco, Ca

“My goal coaching session with Raquel was invaluable. I just booked and shot an Etsy commercial Monday! I was also on hold for Gateway Health.

Thank you for helping me get my online profiles in order and for showing me how to properly present my brand (which is myself) to the industry!”

Marsha R. , Los Angeles

“I recently had a callback and I wanted to thank you for the self confidence you have given me through the acting classes. The callback was a group zoom call. I was able to see the other actors performances that were also being considered for the same role.

By being in your classes and seeing other artists interpret the same scene, I was confident in the work that I have created. I didn’t second guess myself and that was a nice milestone to hit. Don’t get me wrong, I also like picking a scene to do next week.Also a shout out to Wendy! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Krystal K , Los Angeles, Ca