Raquel is THE BEST! When I have theatrical auditions, I ALWAYS private coach with her.

She knows how to help you BECOME the character.   After coaching with Raquel I felt so confident going into into my  audition.  Afterwards, the assisting casting director said he was very impressed with my choices and asked me who I trained and coached with!

I couldn’t have done this without you!

Raquel offered up a lot of great nuggets of information that resonated with me during her Backstage webinar.  To the extent that I have since attended several of her pop up classes and joined her Actors Mark community for continued training and coaching!  We recently had a one-on-one coaching session that I feel, once I complete everything she suggested, I will be in prime position for work when our industry is back!  Raquel is amazing!

Raquel is an awesome acting coach. She likes having a good time. Improv is the best because Raquel encourages me to use my imagination. We laugh and get silly which helps me be more spontaneous and in character. Raquel is a great teacher because she pushes me to practice being more of myself. I love taking classes and privates with her. “ Emma, 8 “Training with Raquel at The Actors Mark is inspiring. She understands how to bring out the best in me so that I bring myself to every character I play. She respects me and genuinely cares about me as a person. I especially like taking privates with her because she pushes me to be better.”

“I can honestly say that I would be lost as an actor in LA without Raquel, and I cannot praise her enough.  The first time we met, I went from feeling unsure of where my path should even begin to being able to clearly see a road to success in this crazy industry.  

She is more than a teacher, she is a mentor, and that is because she takes a genuine interest  in her student’s lives, guiding them not only 
technically, but on a deeper and almost 
spiritual level.  Her approach is entirely personal so if you are willing to put in the work and dedicate yourself, you will find exactly what you need.