Private Acting Classes Los Angeles – Goal/Career Building in Los Angeles

On-Set Coaching / Online Coaching​

 GOAL Coaching and ​​​​​​CAREER Building Sessions

The Business side of your career is just as important as the creative side. During this 1 1/2 hour session Raquel will help you, the actor, move in the direction that best fits the stage of your career. If you are just starting your career as an actor and need guidance on what to do first or you are an experienced actor that is at a stand still in your development and want to move to another level,  we can help you! Our 1 on 1 sessions will cover what most important to you. Here are just a few options of what to think about prior to our session:

  • In Person or online Evaluation
  • Review of current Headshots
  • Review Active Profiles online
  • Type Casting (This is very important for new actors)
  • Resumes (Structure and formatting)
  • Review of current reel or footage and discuss what is needed
  • Representation Strategy
  • Marketability
  • Understanding of the “Business” side of the Industry.
  • Next Steps based on where you are now.

Please email Raquel directly for availability at:

Private Coaching

“I believe private coaching for auditions for the once in a lifetime auditions is the key to succeeding in this industry.” says Raquel, founder of The Actors Mark.

Getting the job is what it is all about!!

If you are an actor that is currently auditioning or would love to be auditioning and more importantly…BOOKING, you should know how important private coaching is to your career! The biggest actors in the World have private coaches that they work with on all of their auditions and roles.  I currently have a roster of well known actors that I coach and I would love to coach you. Our private coaching sessions are a minimum on 1 hour, currently over Zoom and include:

  • Breaking down the material from your characters point of view.
  • Building a strong character history.
  • Focus on making the boldest choices for the material.
  • Building strong subtext to help with memorization.
  • Finding the transitions in material.
  • Connecting to the characters truth.
  • Build a strong moment before.

I offer private coaching for actors of all ages for auditions, callbacks, screen tests, showcases, plays, musicals, technique etc. Please email Raquel directly for availability at: 

private acting classes in Los Angeles