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“STAY ready so you don’t have to GET ready!”

You may have seen Raquel recently on Backstage or The Space Station webinars. She has been busy teaching actors of all age ranges and levels how to take their acting careers to the next level. She specializes in getting actors prepped and ready for auditions through her private actors coaching, as well as teaching actors the business of the actor through her actors goal coaching sessions. Her workshops are intimate and consistently sell out.

So, if you are truly ready to level up your acting, self taping and in person auditions and get casting directors to notice you, then these acting classes are for you!


This very intimate class will prepare you for the virtual and in-person audition and casting process. You will learn how to work your material specifically for auditions.

Each class has a maximum of 10 students and each actor receives personalized instruction during these 2-3 hours sessions.


Raquel will incorporate scene study, monologues and an abundance of technical advice to add to your foundation and acting technique.


The online self tape casting process is here. There is no reason for you to not be proficient at it. Raquel will guide you thought various techniques, set up and structure to create an eye-popping self tape. After this class you will feel confident about your work and submitting it to casting directors.


During the six week acting course, Raquel will teach you how to build a strong foundation in your technique. Not every technique is suitable for everyone. She helps you define what your style is and find how you work best to connect to your character and the scene.

Raquel is the master at breaking down a scene. Learn how to build a character backstory to deepen your work and create a well rounded role for yourself.


  • Improved confidence at auditions and on set.
  • Proficient on camera work and techniques.
  • Elevated audition techniques.
  • Learn to build character history for a full audition.
  • How to let go.
  • What risks to take in your acting
  • Trusting yourself and the process.


If you haven’t joined us yet for this amazing course, we hope you will consider us for your next training sessions.


You can also join The Actors Mark Membership Lounge. An affordable way for actors to get training, community and answers in real time from Raquel and Wendy.

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