KIDS MAKE A MOVIE CAMP –  2018 dates  June 25-29 & August 13-17

A 5 day fun-filled course geared towards kids that allows them to create, shoot and star in their own short film!
This camp will bring out the young storytellers and movie makers in your kids. Campers will learn how to shape stories, build their own characters, create storyboards, then act and film their very own short movie based on movies and tv shows they already love!
Our favorite thing about this camp is that it teaches kids to work together as a team.  Every camp member will contribute to help bring the vision to life.
The fun begins with Improvisation games to help campers open up their creative silly side.
The camp coaches present the campers with a list of movies and tv shows to pick from and the kids decide which part of the show they want to re-enact.
Campers will be creating storyboards to help kids bring their vision to life.
Each camper will be given a role. Whether they are in front of the camera acting out one of the chosen characters or behind the scenes working as the director, camera operator, sound person, make up & hair etc. Every camper will have an active role in the movie making process.
Let the filming begin. We will film in and around the studio premise. The campers will also get some Aerial Warehouse time as we incorporate some flying and parkour/tumbling into our movie making.
Who knows, you may have budding Stephen Spielberg or Jennifer Lawrence in your family!
* A copy of the finished movie will be emailed to parents upon completion.