Top Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Who is guiding you? You want a coach and a mentor that is on your side, knows your name and knows
how to challenge you and build you up at the same time.

Make sure the people you are being guided by have had their hand in the industry for many years and
understand your struggle and fears from an inside perspective. The Actors Mark proudly offer some of the top acting classes in Los Angeles.



August 11  – September 15 /  5pm-7pm PST

6 weeks | $300 + 3% fee

This 6 week intensive will help the beginner and intermediate actor understand the work behind acting and how to confidently approach any audition or material with the skills to succeed! Let’s get you confident in your self tapes, scene work and how to best use your device as your stage for the world to see!

  • Build a strong foundation in technique.
  • Understand how to break down material.
  • Create a powerful work ethic.
  • Improve confidence in your ability.
  • Secure a solid self-esteem and truth in your work and in your lives.
  • Audition technique.
  • Script analysis.
  • Building character history for a full audition.
  • How to let go.
  • What risks to take.
  • Trusting yourself and the process.

You will walk away from this series with technical strength in breaking down your material, the ability to audition with confidence and a sense of personal gratification.

You will have a solid understanding of the work required of you.


“Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions. -Martin Scorsese

Raquel has helped many actors young and adult book life changing acting jobs!
This intensive meets once a week.
It is mandatory that each student attend all classes for full benefit.




This class is for intermediate & experienced actors who want to explore the many facets of scene study. You will build on character development and movement, script analysis,  audition technique, instrumental work, cold readings, improvisation, communication skills, self-esteem, confidence building and more!

This class works off of many different techniques. Each student is developed into their own uniquely gifted actor through learning what technique or techniques work for them. We will teach you how to incorporate all that you learn into your daily career work.

Don’t wait to follow your dream! This is your first step towards reaching your goals.

Auditing our classes are always free for first time students….email us to secure your seat at:

 Current students Jenae and Annie working on a scene.