Kids "BLOCKBUSTER" Movie Camps



JULY 15- 19, 2019

10 AM – 4 PM

This camp will bring out the young storytellers and movie makers in your kids. Campers will learn how to shape stories, build their own characters, create storyboards, act and film their very own short movie based on movies and tv shows they already love!

“My favorite thing about this camp is it teaches kids to work together as a team as every camp member will have a contribution to help bring the vision to life”, says creative director and TAM founder Raquel Gardner.

Campers pick a movie genre and the choose from a list of successful films in that genre. Campers then decide which part they will play. We start the camp off with some fun games to get the kids familiar and comfortable with each other. We also give some fundamental acting training and coaching on set.

Kids also have the option of utilizing the Aerial Warehouse Parkour/Aerial gym for some fun action in their movie. They will have an hour everyday to work on trampolines, the rock climbing wall and learn some aerial and parkour moves from certified coaches. Of course, the coaches will be on hand at all times to guide and help make sure safety is at the top of the list.

Kids can also help behind the scenes as well, if they want to try their hand at directing, camera operator, make up & hair or sound. Whether kids are in front of the camera or behind the scenes, every camper will have an active role in the movie making process. 

The first two days will be dedicated to games, story building, character development, location ideas and some acting exercises. The remaining days will be spent shooting their film in and around the studio.

* If decide to shoot anywhere that requires walking or driving, all parents will have to give the ok or shooting will be limited to studio.

 Tuition is $850 for the 5 days.

Lunch is not included.

A pizza lunch is available for an extra charge.

* A copy of the finished movie will be emailed to parents upon completion.

Who knows, a creative Stephen Spielberg or a Jennifer Lawrence type may emerge!

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The Actors Mark is devoted to helping young performers build the skills they need to grow, work and sustain the pressure of the entertainment industry.  Not only will kids build social and communication skills but we will help them build their confidence  and self acceptance. 

We teach our young actors how important it is to enjoy the process of acting as well as the auditioning process. The Actors Mark can help lay a solid foundation for young actor’s to help build social skills and confidence within, build communication skills, understand team work and build leadership skills for their adult life. 

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Improvisation/Commercial Basics Course 

On Camera Audition Course 

Ages 7-14 yrs

Class Level: All levels

Average Class Size: 5-10

Reading is required to participate in this class.

Class Description: This course is designed to teach kids the basics of commercial auditioning. It is also good for kids who are currently working in the industry to have a better understanding of commercials and keep them exercising their craft. And of course…having lots of fun!!

  • Kids will learn the right way to slate and many wrong ways not to slate.
  • How to take direction in the room.
  • How to Improv in the audition room.
  • How to read from cue boards.
  • On camera techniques that will help kids nail the audition.
  • Techniques to help your kids open up in the audition room.
  • Working with commercial copy.
  • How to have fun at every audition.
  • Bring creativity, personality and confidence to all of your auditions.
  • Build kids listening skills.
  • Learn to trust the material and commit to it.
  • Know how to realistically say a lot in a short amount of time.
  • Know how to focus on communicating.
  • Be realistic in your acting.



*There will be a small parents showcase at the end of each course to show parents what their kids are learning!

Ages 7-14 yrs

Class Level: All levels
Average Class Size: 5-10

Reading is required to participate in this class.

Class Description: This class is designed to help kids learn to act on camera. It will help kids discover their own personality and build confidence while working in front of the camera and in front of others. 

**This is an on camera class. The students will be adjusted and critiqued on camera. 

  • Slating (Advanced slating techniques to help get you noticed from first sight.)
  • Bringing your “self” to the audition.
  • Callbacks.
  • Camera blocking.
  • How to start an Camera auditions.
  • How to finish On Camera auditions.
  • How to personalize copy and sides.
  • ​How to keep sides in hand and work with them.
  • Props on auditions.
  • Group Improvisations.
  • Wardrobe
  • How to make your marks seem invisible.
  • Confidence in the Room.
  • ​Having fun in the audition!

*There will be a small parents showcase at the end of each course to show parents what their kids are learning!

​​Class tuition is $375 every 6 weeks.


Ages 7-14 yrs
Class Level: All levels
Average Class Size: 10

4 week minimum commitment required after 1st class.  Join us for a fun action-packed class full of improvisation and FUN!

Class Description:
This class is a great tool for kids to break out of their shell, communicate easier, create self esteem, and help build inner confidence. Improvisation helps kids with spontaneity, focus, being in the moment, comedic timing, and the collaborative creative process. Improvisation training is a great way to improve any child’s audition skills.

What kids will learn in this improv class:
*Develop expressiveness while learning to create characters.
*Learn the basics of character building and story telling.
*Build a strong understanding of the principles of improvisation
*Learn how to interact and create fun stories with other students.
*Build active listening skills and emotional spontaneity.
*Learn how to create back stories & character traits.
*Help kids bring out the silly side of themselves.
Build the “who”, “what”, “where” of improv.
Often times, improvisation is a big part of the audition process as well the directorial process.

*At the end of the season, students will participate in an exciting mini show improvising for an invited audience of parents and family members.


It’s the best kids acting class in Los Angeles!

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