The Actors Mark is an International Acting Studio based in Los Angeles that is shaping careers for actors of all ages to help build a foundation for their Entertainment career!

The Actors Mark has built a respectful outlet for actors all over the World. Whether you are an actor that needs goal coaching to get you on the right path or you are an actor that needs to build a technique and an acting practice that works for you and your auditions. Raquel and her team can help you in every area of your craft from, The Business of Acting, Technique, Memorization, Goal Coaching, Career planning and stategizing, strategic Self Esteem building and everything in between!!

We specialize in private coaching, goal coaching, performance and develpoment.

We work with you to reach your peek confidence level in your auditions so you… book the job!

We help you develop into the artist you were meant to be.



Raquel has been there, in the trenches for the last thirty years building a life as an artist in the Entertainment Industry.

She will not only give you a solid clear path to getting your representation, Raquel will give you the most valuable tool she has in her pocket! Raquel will give you the knowledge to know what to expect in the audition room and how to arm yourself with self confidence to navigate anything happening in the audition room that isn’t going your way.  She knows because she has been there, in the audition room thousands of times, in every situation and has learned what is an absolute YES, what is a very big NO and everything in between.

“You could be the most talented, beautiful, charismatic person in the World. But, you have to be ok with completely allowing yourself to be as vulnerable, as if you were alone, in that room, with anywhere from 1-20 people also in the room. All staring at ..YOU!

All wanting you to be great!!

That is what most actors do not get! The focus may be on you, but focused on you in a supportive way. Yet, actors are so busy trying to be liked, that they forget they are there to do a job.

Everybody is there to do a job! Including the Casting Director, Director, Network Executive, etc!

The most successful actors in the world do their job to the best of their ability. They feel the same thing you feel. Brilliant actors focus on doing their job that much better for a smarter distraction.”